Second Taylor Swift fan stabbed to death after Rio Concert

Second Taylor Swift fan stabbed to death after Rio Concert

Tragedy strikes Taylor Swift Concert-goers: second fan fatally stabbed on Rio Beach hours after Show

In a devastating turn of events, another Taylor Swift fan, Gabriel Milhomem Santos, met a tragic end in Rio de Janeiro. Gabriel, who had attended Taylor's world-wide tour at Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium, was fatally stabbed while resting on Copacabana beach just hours after the concert. This marks the second fan death following Ana Clara Benevides, who passed away after falling ill in the heat at the same venue.

Wearing a 'Swifities' friendship bracelet, Gabriel was stabbed while relaxing on Copacabana beach on Sunday morning. The attackers, three robbers, took two mobile phones and the keys to the group's hire car before being apprehended by the police. Gabriel, a student of Aeronautic Engineering from Belo Horizonte, had traveled to Rio specifically for Taylor's show.

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Previous robbers released hours before the attack

The shocking incident involved two of the robbers, Alan Ananias Calvacante and Anderson Henriques Brandão, who had been released from custody just hours earlier for stealing 80 bars of chocolate. A third robber, Jonathan Batista Barbosa, remains at large with a history of ten other crimes on record.

Taylor Swift, already reeling from Ana Clara Benevides' death, expressed her deep sorrow on social media. She described feeling overwhelmed by grief and conveyed her shattered heart over the loss of another fan. The artist mentioned her inability to address the incidents from the stage due to the emotional toll. A video circulating online even shows Taylor seemingly struggling to breathe during a performance, possibly affected by the intense heatwave in Rio de Janeiro.

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City faces tragedy amidst Taylor Swift's Concert

The city of Rio de Janeiro is grappling with the impact of two tragic incidents during Taylor Swift's three-day stint, highlighting the emotional toll on both the artist and her fans.

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