Online Education Post Covid 19
Online Education

Online classes are no substitute for classroom learning.

Online classes are no substitute for classroom learning.


The covid pandemic has brought in a revolution in the way of teaching. Traditional learning has been replaced by learning online. The trend of learning online has seen growth over the years. Besides few existing online learning platforms, the established offline institutions have shifted themselves online. The shift in education has sustained even post-pandemic.


Arguments in favour of traditional teaching method

Classrooms are believed to be a group of students being taught by a teacher physically. In a physical class, each student is held by the procedure happening inside. There are fewer chances of deviation from the lot. Here the teacher can monitor his students and can bring them back reprimanding if one loses track.

Further, a student can ask a doubt in case he fails to understand. He can also ask his friend sitting beside him. Further, there is the presence of a teacher, he can again raise his question in case his friend’s answers seem unsatisfactory. There is two way of communication.  

Physical classroom learning is comparatively easy as there are comparatively fewer barriers. Being physical present has its advantages. Classroom learning provides the atmosphere for students to learn and compete. For one to understand new concepts the student must be following what is being taught. 

Further, there are issues of technical glitches which may prove to be a hindrance. Further, not everyone is well versed with computer skills necessary for raising doubts and taking part and contributing to the ongoing discussions going on. Online classes have very limited chances of any discussion, they are mostly one-sided. 

Not everybody has the facility necessary for online education. Lack of resources: a stable internet connection, a computer or a Smartphone contribute to the digital divide. As brought out in reports, the digital divide has created a gap in the learning of students. Perhaps the hardest hit is students.


Arguments in favour of online classes

Despite all its benefits physical classrooms have limited reach as compared to online. Online classes come with the option of recording and then using it to understand the concepts later. 

A teacher sitting at a remote place can teach those sitting a thousand miles away. Online classes help maintain the flow. Online classes present an opportunity to make use of technology to keep things fast and safe. 

Online class also helps a student learn at his own pace, without having to bother much about others, which may be detrimental to some. 

Online courses are an advantage for working professionals, who want to study as they earn. Much like distance learning, the theoretical courses, now offered by reputed institutes can now be learnt online. Many online courses are available free, anyone having the resources can gain from them. These classes are beneficial for those living in remote areas, who cannot afford an education in the city. 




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