Smog defense for kids: essential tips to shield young lungs from air pollution

Smog defense for kids: essential tips to shield young lungs from air pollution

Guardians of clean air: vital tips for parents to safeguard their children's lungs amidst rising air pollution

Following Diwali, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, and other North Indian states grapple with escalating air pollution levels, casting a thick smog over the region. The air quality index (AQI) in Delhi remains in the 'very poor' category, hitting 301, a cause for concern. Doctor Nihar Parekh, Pediatrician and Founder of Cheers Clinic Care, emphasizes the potential crisis in lung growth for children due to the surge in environmental pollutants.

Expert tips for parents to safeguard children's lungs

Dr. Parekh suggests practical steps for parents to shield their children from the hazardous effects of smog. Encouraging the habitual use of masks during outdoor activities in pollution-prone areas, frequent handwashing to minimize pollutant ingestion, and limiting outdoor play on days of poor air quality are among the recommended measures. Indoor activities are encouraged during peak pollution hours.

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Special attention for children with respiratory issues

Children with respiratory conditions like Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis require additional attention. Parents are advised to stay informed about local air quality through real-time updates, seal windows and doors during low outdoor air quality, and invest in effective air purifiers, especially in children's bedrooms. Regular check-ups with a pediatrician to monitor lung health and address any concerns are crucial.

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As environmental experts work on resolving the broader air quality issues, these practical steps empower parents to take proactive measures for their children's respiratory well-being.

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