Uttar Pradesh approves new industrial city in Bundelkhand

Uttar Pradesh approves new industrial city in Bundelkhand

Uttar Pradesh approves new industrial city in Bundelkhand for economic development

The Uttar Pradesh government has given the green light for the creation of a new industrial city in the Bundelkhand region. This decision is aimed at replicating the success of Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority), an industrial city located in the state. The decision was made during a Cabinet meeting led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. This move is part of the state government's efforts to integrate the Bundelkhand region into the broader development plans of Uttar Pradesh and to generate job opportunities through infrastructure development.

Creating a new industrial township

Under the "Chief Minister Industrial Area Expansion and New Industrial Area Promotion Scheme," the Bundelkhand Industrial Development Authority (BIDA) will establish a new industrial township in Jhansi, following the model of Noida. In the initial phase, this industrial city will be developed by acquiring 35,000 acres of land from 33 revenue villages in Jhansi.

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Significant investment

To support this ambitious project, the Uttar Pradesh government has allocated an additional ₹5,000 crore. The plan is to transform the Jhansi region into a sprawling industrial city, covering a total of 14,000 hectares. This initiative is especially crucial because the Bundelkhand region lags behind in various development indicators, including low per capita income.

Improving economic prospects

By establishing this new industrial city, the government aims to bolster economic growth in the region. It is expected to create job opportunities and drive infrastructural improvements, ultimately improving the living standards of the local population.

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This decision marks a significant step toward the development of the Bundelkhand region, bringing hopes of prosperity and progress to an area that has faced developmental challenges for years .The initiative holds the promise of generating employment opportunities and improving the living standards of the local population. It addresses the longstanding developmental challenges faced by the region and signifies a commitment to fostering prosperity and progress. 

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