Tragedy unfolds: 47 workers located, 4 still missing in Baddi Factory fire

Tragedy unfolds: 47 workers located, 4 still missing in Baddi Factory fire

Baddi Factory fire update: 47 workers traced, 4 still missing in rescue efforts

In a devastating incident at a perfume factory in Himachal's Solan district, a major fire broke out, claiming the lives of five workers, all identified as women. The unfortunate incident unfolded two days ago, with the discovery of four bodies on Saturday. Currently, four workers remain missing, and 29 others have suffered injuries, receiving medical care across various health facilities.

Search for missing workers and investigation underway

Efforts are underway to locate the missing individuals, with authorities urging the public to share any relevant information with the Police Control Room. The police have already made an arrest—Chandu Chandrashekhar, the plant head of NR Aroma—for negligence. He faces charges under various sections of the Indian Penal Code related to the endangerment of life and safety.

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An investigation has been initiated to determine the cause of the fire and evaluate safety norms at the perfume factory. A special investigation team, led by additional superintendent of police Ashok Verma, will conduct a thorough inquiry. Additionally, a magisterial enquiry has been ordered by the Solan deputy commissioner to scrutinize all aspects of the incident.

Seeking answers and accountability

As the families of the deceased mourn the loss of their loved ones and the injured receive medical attention, the community is left grappling with the aftermath of this tragic incident. The focus now shifts to understanding the circumstances leading to the fire and holding those responsible accountable for any lapses in safety measures. The collaborative efforts of the investigation team, law enforcement, and public cooperation will play a crucial role in bringing clarity to this unfortunate event.

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