famous pastry kitchen organization in Pakistan

Employees at a popular bakery establishment in Pakistan are being investigated for refusing to write "Merry Christmas" on the cake.

Following a clamour via web-based media, the administration of a famous pastry kitchen organization in Pakistan is examining one of its workers'…

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Pillar of Shame

Overnight, “Pillar of Shame” statue was withdrawn from Hong Kong

On Thursday, Hong Kong’s oldest university demolished a memorial to those killed in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. The operation to demolish…

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China renames 15 places in Arunachal

15 localities in Arunachal Pradesh have been renamed by China

China’s plan to rename 15 locations in Arunachal Pradesh was flatly rejected by India on Thursday. Arindam Bagchi underlined that this state…

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Betty White died

Betty White, an American actress, died at the age of 99

Betty White, an American actress who amused Americans for more than seven decades, has died at the age of 99. “The Golden Girls” and “The…

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Omicron cases

In the last two months, Pakistan has reported the highest number of Covid-19 cases

Pakistan recorded more than 700 COVID-19 cases in a single day on Monday (Jan 3), the biggest count in two months, as officials warned of a fifth wave…

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Earthquake in Taiwan

Taiwan was hit by a powerful earthquake

On Monday evening, a massive 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan, shaking buildings in the capital (Taipei) and much of the island’s northern…

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Queen Elizabeth

Buckingham Palace has announced a “Pudding Contest"

A pudding contest will be held in the United Kingdom to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee – she has contributed 70 years of…

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Russian Helicopter

Russian helicopters are being stationed in Ukraine

US intelligence predictions of a surge, the number of Russian troops at Ukraine’s border has remained stable in recent weeks, but US officials…

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