Streamlining West Bengal University decision-making
CV Ananda Bose

Streamlining West Bengal University decision-making

Governor's initiative to enhance decision-making in West Bengal Universities

Governor's initiative for efficient decision-making

Amidst the ongoing discord between West Bengal's Governor and the Mamata Banerjee government, CV Ananda Bose has launched the SPEED program in the state's universities. SPEED stands for "Simplified Procedure for Easy and Effective Decision," and its purpose is to streamline the decision-making process within the university system in West Bengal.

Governor Bose, who also serves as the Chancellor of universities, has taken additional steps to enhance the education system. He has directed the establishment of 25 teacher selection committees and a Vice Chancellor committee. The latter committee's role is to identify any backlog in university administration and propose strategies for revitalizing and reinvigorating the university system.

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In a move towards transparency and accountability, a Real-time Monitoring Cell has been established in the Raj Bhavan. This cell will enable concurrent evaluation of ongoing processes and decisions.

Tensions and controversy

Governor Ananda Bose and the Trinamool Congress government have been embroiled in a dispute over control of the state's universities. The situation escalated when the state's education minister, Bratya Basu, referred to the Governor as the "new vampire in town." In response, the Governor sent two letters, one to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and another to Delhi, although the contents of these letters remain undisclosed.

Furthermore, the Governor's recent move to form selection committees for appointing Vice Chancellors at multiple universities has drawn criticism from the government. This ongoing tension underscores the need for effective measures to improve the higher education system in West Bengal.

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