Stimac: no plans to seek player results for Asian Games

Stimac: no plans to seek player results for Asian Games

Stimac declares no intent to request player results for Asian Games participation

Igor Stimac, the head coach of the Indian men's football team, is facing challenges ahead of their game against China at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The team's preparation has been far from ideal, with many players arriving just before kickoff.
Stimac expressed concerns about the limited time for preparation. The squad will land in Hangzhou on Monday, and their match against China is scheduled for Tuesday, leaving no time for a proper training session. Moreover, Stimac has had to deal with last-minute additions to the team, including key players like Sunil Chhetri and Sandesh Jhingan.

Late negotiations with clubs:

The squad composition underwent multiple changes due to negotiations between the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and Indian Super League (ISL) clubs. Some clubs were reluctant to release players for the Asian Games, as the ISL was set to start soon.

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Stimac's main concern is not winning matches but preserving the players' fitness and avoiding injuries, considering the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. As a result, he may consider resting Chhetri and Jhingan for the China game to ensure their well-being.

Challenges of short camps:

Stimac has repeatedly emphasized the challenges posed by short training camps, as they don't allow for adequate preparation. He believes that having only two days of preparation before significant games is not ideal and doesn't benefit Indian football.

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Despite these challenges, Stimac hopes to put up a good fight in the Asian Games. He is focused on the matches against Bangladesh and Myanmar and may prioritize those over the China game to avoid risking key players' fitness. Stimac believes that the current situation is not ideal for the national team and laments the missed opportunity to field the best possible team.

In conclusion, the Indian football team faces a tough situation with limited preparation time and last-minute changes to the squad. Coach Stimac's priority is player fitness and safety, making the China game a potential resting opportunity for key players.

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