Singer Shubh speaks out amid 'Indira Gandhi hoodie' controversy

Singer Shubh speaks out amid 'Indira Gandhi hoodie' controversy

Controversy erupts as Singer Shubh addresses outrage over 'Indira Gandhi assassination hoodie'

Punjabi-Canadian singer Shubh faced a new controversy when he was spotted on stage holding up a hoodie featuring an illustration of Indira Gandhi's assassination on a map of Punjab during a concert in London on October 29. This incident added to the recent backlash against the singer due to his alleged support for Khalistan.

Singer's response and backlash

Shubh defended himself by stating that the hoodie had been thrown onto the stage by an audience member, and he hadn't seen its content. He explained that various items, including clothes, jewelry, and phones, were thrown at him during his London concert. Shubh expressed frustration, saying, "No matter what I do, some people will find something to bring it against me." This statement was in reference to the previous outrage in India, which resulted in the cancellation of his India tour.

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Kangana Ranaut's criticism

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut criticized Shubh for celebrating the "killing of an old woman by those who she appointed as her saviors." She called it a cowardly act and stated that it was not an act of bravery to attack an elderly lady who was disarmed and unaware. Kangana emphasized the need for shame rather than glorification in such situations and expressed her disapproval of Shubh's actions.

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