SC seeks answers: Tamil Nadu accuses Governor of bill delays, Government under scrutiny

SC seeks answers: Tamil Nadu accuses Governor of bill delays, Government under scrutiny

Supreme Court demands Government response to Tamil Nadu's allegations of Governor's delay tactics on bills

The Supreme Court has requested a response from the Indian government following a petition by the Tamil Nadu government regarding delays by Governor RN Ravi in processing nearly 12 bills. The Chief Justice of India, Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud, deemed the issues raised a "matter of serious concern."

The Tamil Nadu government's petition alleges inaction by Governor Ravi in processing bills passed by the state legislature, causing a "constitutional deadlock." The court fixed the case for a hearing on November 20, seeking the Union government's response. Additionally, the assistance of the attorney general or solicitor general was requested.

Widespread trend of inaction:

Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, representing the state, highlighted a concerning trend of governors across states refusing to act on bills. Singhvi emphasized the urgency, noting files pending for over two years and critical matters like remission orders left unaddressed.

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The Tamil Nadu government's plea contends that the governor's inaction constitutes an "unconstitutional, illegal, and malafide exercise of power," leading to a standstill in administration and fostering an adversarial attitude. The petition seeks the court's intervention to set specific timelines for the governor to act promptly.

Contextual background:

This legal action echoes a previous case involving the Telangana government, where a constitutional impasse was resolved after the governor signed off on bills just before a scheduled Supreme Court hearing. The current petition aims to address the broader issue of governors withholding actions on bills, emphasizing the constitutional significance of timely decision-making under Article 200.

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