Sangrur sets paddy yield record at 81 quintals per hectare

Sangrur sets paddy yield record at 81 quintals per hectare

Sangrur achieves record paddy yield of 81 quintals per hectare

In what promises to be a historic agricultural achievement, Sangrur district in Punjab is on track to achieve its highest-ever paddy yield this kharif season. Early findings from crop-cutting experiments conducted by the agriculture department indicate an average yield of 81 quintals per hectare. This marks a substantial improvement from the previous year when the paddy yield was 76 quintals per hectare.

Factors behind the bumper crop

Agriculture department officials and experts attribute this surge in yield to two key factors: uninterrupted power supply and the absence of pest and disease attacks on the crop. These conditions have created an ideal environment for paddy cultivation.

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Over the past few years, Sangrur district has shown a steady increase in paddy yield. In 2014-15, the yield was 70.53 quintals, which improved to 72.69 quintals in 2015-16. The upward trend continued with yields of 72.73 quintals in 2016-17, 75.76 quintals in 2017-18, and 70.36 quintals in 2018-19. The most recent seasons have witnessed further improvements, with 78.57 quintals in 2020-21, 70.74 quintals in 2021-22, and 76.98 quintals per hectare in 2022-23.

Optimistic outlook

Chief Agriculture Officer Harbans Singh is optimistic about the current season, stating that the crop has remained unaffected by pests and diseases throughout the kharif season. The unseasonal rain that occurred during this period benefitted the crop by coinciding with its susceptibility to pests and diseases. The agriculture department plans to conduct more crop-cutting experiments in the coming days to confirm the final result of the paddy yield for this season.

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