Resurgence of monsoon in Himachal Pradesh

Resurgence of monsoon in Himachal Pradesh

Resurgence of monsoon in Himachal Pradesh: Roads blocked and ongoing challenges

After a pause of nearly three months since the monsoon initially arrived in Himachal Pradesh, heavy rainfall has made a comeback, resulting in the closure of twenty-four roads across five districts in the state. This article highlights the recent monsoon resurgence and its impact on the region, as well as efforts to address the ongoing challenges.

Road closures across districts

According to data from the State Disaster Management Authority, several roads in Himachal Pradesh have been blocked due to heavy rainfall. The affected districts include Lahaul-Spiti, Shimla, Kullu, Kangra, and Kinnaur. In Lahaul-Spiti alone, sixteen roads are currently blocked, demonstrating the widespread impact of the recent rainfall.

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Human toll and property damage

The monsoon's fury has taken a toll on both lives and property in the state. State Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi provided alarming statistics, reporting that since the onset of the monsoon season, 468 people have lost their lives, 487 have been injured, and 40 individuals remain missing. Furthermore, the data reveals extensive damage to property, with 2,647 houses completely destroyed, 1,129 houses partially damaged, 320 shops impacted, and 5,977 cowsheds suffering damage. Additionally, the region has experienced 168 landslides and 72 flash flood incidents over the past three months.

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Call for national disaster declaration

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu presented a resolution in the State Assembly on Monday, urging the Union government to declare Himachal Pradesh a National Disaster. The state has been severely affected by disasters, including heavy monsoon-related incidents. In response, the opposition introduced an adjournment motion under rule 67 to initiate a discussion on the state's disaster situation. The Assembly also received multiple notices addressing disaster concerns and funding from the Union government.

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