Ramifications of Overturning Roe V Wade
People have taken to streets to protest against US Supreme Court overturning Roe V Wade

Ramifications of Overturning Roe V Wade

Ramifications of Overturning Roe V Wade

On Friday 24th June, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling on Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health Organization, overruling Roe vs. Wade, eliminating the constitutional right to Abortion after almost 50 years. The ruling, which could potentially ban the procedure of AbortionAbortion in about half the US states, has sparked protests all across the country.

The decision is widely seen as a slap in the face of the decade long efforts of reproductive rights activists. The overturning of Roe V Wade will have serious implications for people who are pro-choice, the right to AbortionAbortion and socio-legal movements that are centred on reproductive rights across the globe. Ban on Abortion means people’s right to make decisions on their own body is being taken away. Bodily autonomy became a thing of the past with the Supreme Court overturning Roe V Wade.

This decision can lead to an increase in the number of orphans and unsafe pregnancies. Criminalizing Abortion is a major legal barrier to safe abortion access, forcing women to resort to risky underground abortion procedures. Reversing the right to Abortion at a time when the majority of world nations are moving towards decriminalization and upholding AbortionAbortion on demand can have severe implications on legal and policy trajectories affecting the reproductive rights of persons globally.

Before the overturning, Roe V Wade was used to make sure that AbortionAbortion was allowed up to the point of foetal viability, that is, the time after which a foetus can survive outside the womb. With the latest court decision, it is upto the US stares to decide if they want to ban Abortion or not. Almost half the US states are expected to outlaw or severely restrict Abortion due to the Supreme Court’s decision, which is related to a highly restrictive Mississippi abortion law.

One of the most immediate consequences of Roe’s demise is that many people seeking an abortion will now have to travel significant distances to receive abortion care.Banning Abortion would also increase the chances of people trying to end their pregnancies without clinical supervision. The lack of awareness about abortion medication can also increase in the number of death among pregnant women. The maternal mortality rate is likely to spike because of the courts' decision.

The Supreme Court has completely overlooked reproductive freedom as a necessary component of healthcare by overturning Roe V Wade. Not only is the court regulating the female body through this decision but are also putting an end to safe abortions, increasing the already inequitable maternal mortality rates and forcing people into dangerous situations to access the care they need.


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