Sanjay Singh Protest

Sanjay Singh Protest

Bhagwant Mann reaches parliament to support protesting AAP MP Sanjay Singh

If this is how they are running the temple of democracy, no doubt our country is in this condition today, says CM Mann

What is happening in Manipur is the result of the politics of hatred, Mann attacks BJP

BJP governors interfere shamelessly in properly functional governments, where is the governor of Manipur, asks Bhagwant Mann

It took PM 78 days to even mention Manipur, while a part of India was burning, our PM was touring US, UAE and France: Bhagwant Mann

Suspension of MP Sanjay Singh is against democracy and constitution: Mann

You do 'Mann ki Baat' every month, for once listen to people's 'Mann ki Baat', 140 crore people will decide the next Prime Minister: Mann

New Delhi/Chandigarh, July 27: The Aam Aadmi Party senior leader and the chief minister of Punjab Bhagwant Mann, on Thursday, reached parliament premises in support of protesting AAP Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh, who was suspended from the house for this entire session.

Mann said that the suppression of opposition voices in the house is not new but if this is how they (BJP government) are running the temple of democracy then no doubt the country is in this condition(Manipur) today. He added that the Aam Aadmi Party always says that nothing good comes out of the politics of hatred. Today what is happening in Manipur is also the result of the same cheap politics of polarization.

On the suspension of Sanjay Singh, Mann said that it is against the democracy and the constitution that is why all the opposition members are standing by Sanjay Singh today. He added that he was a member of Parliament for eight years and when the voice of the opposition leader is not heard only then they leave their seats to raise the pressing issues of the public. 

Cornering the BJP on their misuse of governors, Mann said that in states like Punjab where there is a non-BJP government, Governor interferes needlessly in properly functional and well performing government but in Manipur which is burning for three months now where is the governor.  Mann said that the President's rule should be imposed in Manipur with immediate effect.

Launching an attack on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mann said it took PM 78 days to just mention Manipur. While Manipur, an integral part of India, was burning, Modi was busy touring the USA, France and UAE. He added that the internet is banned in Manipur and only one video has come out so far which horrified the entire nation, so one cannot even imagine the scale at which violence and brutality is happening in the state. Our nation will never tolerate such abuse of our daughters and dictators, who are not dissolving Manipur government, will be taught a befitting lesson soon, says Mann.

Mann said that BJP, drunk on power, is not listening to anyone. They are not even abiding by the decisions of Supreme court. They are bringing an ordinance on Delhi whereas, the Supreme court passed a ruling against it unanimously by 5-0. He said, you do 'Mann ki Baat' every month, but for once listen to the 'mann ki baat' of the people of India, the same 140 crore people who will decide the next government and the prime minister.

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