Punjab Police contemplates drone tech for VVIP security

Punjab Police contemplates drone tech for VVIP security

Punjab Police explores drone combat technology for enhanced VVIP security

Punjab Police is exploring the purchase of drone combat technology to enhance security during VVIP visits, owing to a surge in drone sightings and incursions from Pakistan in recent years. To address this issue, the state police have formed a standing committee on drones, composed of key members, including IGP counter-intelligence and DIGs, who have provided recommendations on countering drone threats.

Official data reveals a significant increase in drone activity in Punjab, with 244 drone sightings (as of August) this year, more than double the previous year. BSF has intercepted 55 of these drones. Notably, around 75% of drone sightings along the western border were in Punjab, raising concerns about security during VVIP visits.

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The standing committee has assessed the need for drone combat technology and is finalizing procurement orders following standard procedures. The police aim to purchase equipment for combating rogue drones, particularly for VVIP events.

Drone technology used by Pakistani criminals

Advanced drones used by criminals in Pakistan have driven the urgent need for this technology. The Punjab government is also considering establishing a Center of Excellence for Drones, focusing on capacity building and research to counter the drone threat.

Notably, the DRDO has developed an anti-drone system, capable of jamming command-and-control links or damaging drones through laser-based weapons. This technology can detect and jam micro-drones up to 3 km away.

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Additionally, the Electronics and Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) of DRDO has produced a counter-drone system tested in Punjab, featuring a laser weapon effective up to 1,000 meters, a radio frequency jammer, and a GPS jammer/spoofer.

With the rise of advanced and unregulated drones, the threat perception during VVIP visits remains high, emphasizing the importance of drone combat technology to ensure security.

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