PT Usha stands ground on IOA CEO amidst internal dispute

PT Usha stands ground on IOA CEO amidst internal dispute

IOA Chief PT Usha firm on CEO appointment amid internal wrangling

In a notable development, ten out of fifteen members of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) expressed discontent over the appointment of Raghuram Iyer as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in a letter addressed to PT Usha. The IOA president, however, asserted her confidence in Iyer, stating that there is no reconsideration of his appointment.

PT Usha, speaking at an event, affirmed her faith in the appointed CEO, emphasizing his competence and suitability for the role. She dismissed any possibility of reversing the decision, citing a proper and merit-based appointment process. The move to appoint a professional as the CEO marked a significant shift for the IOA.

IOA denies receipt of opposition letter

Contradicting the reported discontent, the IOA later issued a statement stating that neither Usha nor Iyer had received the alleged letter of opposition from the Executive Committee (EC) members. The IOA labeled the reports as "unsubstantiated" and affirmed its focus on discussions with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding hosting future events.

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The primary point of contention among EC members is Raghuram Iyer's monthly salary of ₹20 lakh, totaling an annual cost of ₹3 crore to the IOA. EC members deemed the salary "shocking and imprudent," asserting that the IOA president lacked the authority to independently negotiate compensation. They declared the appointment null and void, proposing alternative candidates for the CEO role.

Emergency meeting called by EC

In response to the opposition, the EC has called for an emergency meeting on February 13 to further discuss the matter. The dispute revolves around transparency concerns in the appointment process and the perceived exorbitance of the CEO's salary. The EC members signing the letter include prominent figures like Ajay Patel, Gagan Narang, and Yogeshwar Dutt.

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As the IOA grapples with internal dissent, the controversy surrounding the CEO appointment and salary negotiations is set to unfold further during the upcoming emergency meeting.

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