Poland boosts security with $4 billion air defense upgrade
US State Department

Poland boosts security with $4 billion air defense upgrade

Poland's $4 billion air defense upgrade bolsters NATO security

Poland's $4 billion air defense upgrade

Poland, a NATO ally, has received approval from the US State Department for a significant military upgrade. The Pentagon announced on Monday that Poland is set to acquire an Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System, estimated to cost around $4 billion. This move is part of Poland's effort to enhance its air defense capabilities.

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Key components of the deal

The proposed sale includes the second phase of a two-phase program, involving the PATRIOT Configuration-3+ command system equipped with modernized sensors and components. This comprehensive package also encompasses 93 engagement operation centers, 175 fire control network relays, and various related equipment.

Notably, European interest in US weaponry has been on the rise, with a particular focus on munitions, air defense systems, communications equipment, shoulder-fired Javelin missiles, and drones. These supplies have played a critical role in Ukraine's ongoing war efforts. Northrup Grumman has been designated as the principal contractor responsible for delivering the missile defense system.

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