PM Sunak's shocking remark: 'Just let people die' emerges in Covid inquiry

PM Sunak's shocking remark: 'Just let people die' emerges in Covid inquiry

UK PM Rishi Sunak faces controversy as Covid inquiry reveals alleged remark: 'Just let people die

UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak was reportedly quoted during a meeting, suggesting the government should "just let people die" rather than impose a second national COVID-19 lockdown. The revelation came from Patrick Vallance, the former chief scientific adviser, who documented the statement in his diary, attributing it to Dominic Cummings, then Prime Minister Boris Johnson's senior adviser.

Diary entry unveils shocking remark:

A diary entry by Vallance, dated October 25, 2020, revealed Cummings' relayed message that Sunak believed in "just letting people die" rather than implementing another lockdown. The entry expressed concerns about a perceived lack of leadership during the critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A spokesperson for Sunak stated that the prime minister would address his position when he provides evidence to the ongoing inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic. The inquiry aims to scrutinize the response to COVID-19, acknowledging the economic and health impacts, and is scheduled to continue until the summer of 2026.
As the inquiry delves into the government's actions during the pandemic, the alleged statement by Sunak raises questions about leadership decisions. The inquiry already revealed challenges and criticisms within the government's response, and Sunak's alleged comment adds to the complexity of assessing the overall management of the health crisis in the UK.

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