PM Modi's lifestyle insights: 3.5 hours of sleep, no food after 6 PM

PM Modi's lifestyle insights: 3.5 hours of sleep, no food after 6 PM

PM Modi reveals his sleep and eating habits after 'surprise' lunch encounter

Minister L Murugan recently shared his unforgettable experience of having lunch with Prime Minister Modi during the Budget session in Parliament. Murugan described it as a special opportunity and expressed his gratitude for the chance to interact with PM Modi for about 40-45 minutes.

During the second last day of the Budget session, PM Modi surprised some MPs by inviting them to join him for lunch in the Parliament canteen. Murugan was one of the eight MPs who had the privilege to dine with the Prime Minister.

Special interaction

Murugan recounted the interaction with PM Modi as inspiring and informative. They discussed various topics, including PM Modi's daily routine, exercise habits, and experiences from his foreign trips. PM Modi even shared personal habits like sleeping for only 3.5 hours and not eating after 6 pm.

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Murugan expressed his awe at PM Modi's humble demeanor during the lunch, noting that he sat with them like a regular person rather than a prime minister. He also mentioned that PM Modi graciously paid for the meal, leaving a lasting impression on him and his fellow MPs.

Unforgettable experience

Sharing his feelings on social media, Murugan described the lunch as an unforgettable moment in his life. He posted a video of the lunch with a special note, expressing his gratitude for the experience.

PM Modi also shared pictures of their meal together on social media, expressing his enjoyment of the lunch and thanking his parliamentary colleagues from different parties and regions of India for their company.

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Overall, the surprise lunch with PM Modi left a lasting impact on Minister Murugan and the other MPs, highlighting the significance of such interactions in fostering camaraderie and understanding among political leaders.

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