Patiala's Punjabi University suspends Senior Professor over official car misuse

Patiala's Punjabi University suspends Senior Professor over official car misuse

Punjabi University, Patiala takes action, suspends Senior Professor for alleged misuse of official car

Patiala's Punjabi University has suspended a senior professor from the sports sciences department due to allegations of misconduct. The university's decision follows the recommendations of a committee tasked with investigating the claims against the professor, Paramvir Singh.

In the official order issued by the university, Paramvir Singh is charged with misusing an official car and issuing a 'C' certificate to a student without verifying their credentials. Additionally, the order notes that certain items acquired under the National Service Scheme (NSS) were reported missing.

Paramvir Singh was also responsible for overseeing the NSS. The university has granted him a 15-day period to respond to these allegations.

University's statement

Daljit Ami, the director of public relations for Punjabi University, stated, "Professor Paramvir Singh has been suspended with immediate effect. The suspension follows the recommendations of the committee that was formed to investigate the complaints against him. The committee has found substantial evidence against him."

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The committee's report revealed that Paramvir allegedly misused an official car, which had covered over 37,000 kilometers in 823 days without maintaining the required logbook, violating established rules.

Misuse of NSS department resources

The report further indicated that the NSS department's car, intended for official purposes, was used without proper authorization for activities not related to its designated functions. There was no recorded NSS activity or program on the dates in question.

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The inquiry committee also discovered that bicycles and solar lights purchased under Paramvir's orders for the NSS department were unaccounted for within the department.

Professor Paramvir has refuted the allegations, asserting that the official car usage had prior approval and was not misused. He suggests that the suspension may be motivated by other factors and mentioned his recent protests against the university on various issues, including staff salary delays.

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