Panjab University takes measures to curb cheating at distant exam centers

Panjab University takes measures to curb cheating at distant exam centers

Panjab University takes measures to curb cheating at distant exam centers

The Panjab University (PU) syndicate is set to discuss a range of topics, including mass cheating and copying in exam centers, during an upcoming meeting. These concerns, particularly in remote areas, were initially brought up in a PU senate meeting on June 3. In response, PU's Vice-Chancellor Renu Vig formed a committee chaired by Savita Gupta from the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) to investigate the issue.

CCTV Cameras in every examination room

The committee has proposed a comprehensive solution to tackle cheating in examinations. They recommend that each college and institute establish CCTV camera surveillance in every room used for exams. Principals are tasked with ensuring that all cameras are functional during exams, and the CCTV footage must be retained for a period of six months. To further ensure the integrity of exams, flying squads will review previous day's CCTV recordings while physically inspecting exam centers on the day of the test.

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In a first-of-its-kind move, the examination centers for regular students of PU's affiliated colleges may be relocated to nearby examination centers. Previously, regular students would sit exams at their own colleges, which raised concerns of favoritism. Colleges will need to provide information about the number of enrolled students and the available capacity well in advance to facilitate these changes.

Delegating authority for PhD Scholars

The syndicate will also discuss the delegation of authority for administrative processes involving over 3,600 research scholars at PU. To expedite administrative tasks without compromising quality, it's proposed that approving authorities, besides the Vice-Chancellor, such as the Director of Research and Development Cell (DRDC), Controller of Examinations (COE), and Dean of University Instruction (DUI), are empowered to make decisions.

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The committee's recommendations aim to address the issue of cheating and streamline administrative processes within PU. Once cleared by the syndicate and the Senate, these policies are expected to be put into effect.

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