NHIDCL identifies risky zones along Badrinath Highway

NHIDCL identifies risky zones along Badrinath Highway

NHIDCL identifies risky zones along Badrinath Highway in Uttarakhand, plans remedial measures

A recent survey conducted by the National Highway and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) has revealed that there are 20 areas prone to landslides and 11 sinking zones along the 84-kilometer stretch of the Badrinath highway, which connects Kameda to Helang in Chamoli district. This highway is vital as it extends all the way to the India-China border. The presence of these risky zones has been causing problems, especially during the rainy season, and disrupting the Char Dham yatra pilgrimage.

Identifying vulnerable areas

The NHIDCL is actively working on creating a Detailed Project Report for more than 30 such vulnerable zones. These areas have faced recurring issues over the years, leading to road closures and inconvenience for travelers.

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Preventing future disruptions

Shailendra Kumar, Deputy General Manager of NHIDCL, mentioned that tender notices for these projects will be issued soon, and the work will begin thereafter. Many of these zones have been problematic for a long time and need protective measures to ensure safe travel.

Notable problematic zones

Among these areas, Pagal Nala on the Badrinath highway has been notorious for frequent landslides, which result in road closures. To address this issue, NHIDCL is considering the construction of a tunnel to bypass this troublesome zone, which has been causing disruptions since the late 1990s. Another area of concern is the Chinkka landslide zone, which caused significant disruptions for pilgrims on their way to the Badrinath pilgrimage this year. This zone is also slated for treatment as part of the proposed project, aiming to make the route safer for travelers.

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This initiative by NHIDCL is crucial to ensure the safety and convenience of travelers along the Badrinath highway, particularly during the pilgrimage season. It seeks to address long-standing issues and make the journey to this sacred destination smoother and less prone to disruptions.

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