Mumbai statehood threat alleged by Congress chief
Maharashtra Congress chief Nana Patole

Mumbai statehood threat alleged by Congress chief

Congress chief alleges hidden agenda to strip Mumbai's statehood

Allegations of Mumbai statehood threat

The Maharashtra Congress chief, Nana Patole, has raised a concerning allegation, claiming that the upcoming special session of Parliament has a hidden agenda: to separate Mumbai from the state of Maharashtra and designate it as a Union Territory. Patole expressed his suspicions while speaking to reporters, emphasizing that such a move would have significant repercussions for the region.

Unprecedented session raises questions

Patole highlighted the unusual nature of this session, pointing out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not previously called special sessions for critical matters such as the COVID pandemic, the 2016 demonetization, or issues affecting states like Manipur. This sudden convening of Parliament has fueled speculation about its undisclosed purpose.

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Concerns over Mumbai's status

Mumbai, as Patole noted, holds a vital position as an international city and the financial capital of India. Recent developments, including the relocation of entities like Air India, the International Financial Services Centre, and the diamond market away from the city, have raised concerns. Patole further alleged plans to transfer the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange to Gujarat, intensifying worries about Mumbai's economic future.

Political implications

Patole suggested that the change in the political landscape may be connected to these developments. He claimed that the previous Maha Vikas Aghadi government, composed of the Shiv Sena, NCP, and Congress, was a significant impediment to decisions that could potentially harm the state's interests, insinuating that the Centre played a role in the downfall of this coalition.

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