Mission Samarth: Punjab's drive to boost school skills

Mission Samarth: Punjab's drive to boost school skills

Punjab launches 'Mission Samarth' to enhance numeracy and literacy skills in Government Schools

The Punjab Department of School Education has introduced 'Mission Samarth,' an educational initiative aimed at enhancing the skills of government school students in Punjabi, English, and Mathematics from Class 3 to 8. Under this program, teachers will employ the "Teaching at the Right Level" (TaRL) approach to assess students' proficiency levels and offer tailored support.

A key element of 'Mission Samarth' is evaluating students' current learning levels. School principals are responsible for assessing students in Class 3 to 8 and categorizing them into two groups: Level 1 (basic) and Level 2 (advanced). This classification, based on students' competencies, should be completed by October 25, 2023, to guide the instructional approach.

Training and implementation

Instructors responsible for teaching Punjabi, Mathematics, and English to Classes 3 to 8 have received training in the TaRL approach. For primary schools, 'Mission Samarth' will occupy the first three hours of the school day, with one hour dedicated to each subject daily.

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Meanwhile, in middle, high, and senior secondary schools (Classes 6 to 8), the program will be conducted during the first three periods. Schools are urged to adhere to this schedule by October 25.

Educational materials and distribution

Educational materials, including modules and worksheets, have been prepared for these subjects and will be distributed at the block level under the supervision of district education officers. Detailed distribution reports must be sent to the head office.

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Educational officials will conduct meetings with school principals and block nodal officers to address the objectives, operation, and monitoring of 'Mission Samarth' by October 25, 2023.

Testing tools for all three subjects will be sent to schools, and teachers will use these tools to determine students' proficiency levels. A comprehensive record of students' proficiency levels, categorized by subject, class, and student, must be maintained. Instructions for uploading these records to the state's data portal will be provided.

For information or queries related to 'Mission Samarth,' a toll-free helpline is available at 1800-2139. All educational institutions and stakeholders are urged to follow these instructions.

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