Man booked for tearing cop's uniform in Haryana

Man booked for tearing cop's uniform in Haryana

Haryana man booked for tearing Police Officer's uniform

A man in Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, found himself in legal trouble after allegedly tearing the uniform of a police officer who had responded to a distress call from the man's family. The incident occurred when the police officer arrived at the man's residence following a complaint from his parents.

The trouble began when a resident of ward 16, Jai Singh, reached out to the police to report that his son, Jitender, was engaging in violent behavior within the family after consuming alcohol. In response to this distress call, Sub-inspector Raj Kumar, who serves as a Station House Officer (SHO) at Dadri city police station, and his team went to the scene to investigate and resolve the situation.

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Altercation and uniform damage

Upon arriving at the residence, the police officers discovered Jitender physically assaulting his family members. In an attempt to mediate and prevent further violence, they tried to reason with Jitender. However, the situation escalated as Jitender began verbally abusing the police officers and ultimately tore the uniform of the SHO, Raj Kumar.

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Legal action taken

Consequently, Jitender was booked by the police, and an investigation has been initiated to apprehend him for his actions. The tearing of the police officer's uniform is being treated as a serious offense, and legal procedures are underway to address this incident.

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