Kim Jong Un's visit to Russia

Kim Jong Un's visit to Russia

Kim Jong Un's visit to Russia for talks with Putin

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has recently arrived in Russia for discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This visit, which began on Sunday, involves high-level officials from North Korea, including those from the arms industry, military, and the foreign ministry. Kim's arrival took place at the Khasan station, a crucial entry point into Russia's Far East from North Korea.

Arrival in Russia

Reports from Japanese media, such as Kyodo news agency, confirm that Kim Jong Un's train arrived at the Khasan station. This station serves as a primary link between North Korea and Russia's Far East. Russian news agency Interfax also corroborated this information, sharing footage from the Rossiya-1 TV state channel, which displayed green train cars and a Russian Railways locomotive crossing a bridge over a river.

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Rare international travel

Kim Jong Un's international travels are relatively infrequent. Throughout his 12-year rule, he has made only seven trips abroad, with four of them being to China. This visit to Russia represents a significant diplomatic effort.

Anticipated negotiations

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has indicated that Kim's visit will encompass comprehensive negotiations. Both delegations are expected to engage in discussions, and if necessary, the leaders may have one-on-one communication. This visit holds promise for fruitful talks on various matters.

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Putin's schedule

Russian President Putin arrived in Vladivostok a day before Kim's arrival and is set to participate in the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum. Peskov clarified that Putin's meeting with Kim would occur after the forum's conclusion. There are currently no plans for a joint news conference, as reported by Russian news agencies.

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