Kerala man hits ₹33 crore UAE jackpot with kids' birth dates on ticket

Kerala man hits ₹33 crore UAE jackpot with kids' birth dates on ticket

Kerala man wins ₹33 crore UAE jackpot with unique lucky charm: ticket featuring kids' birth dates

Rajeev Arikkatt, an Indian immigrant living in the UAE, recently hit the jackpot by winning 15 million dirhams (around ₹33 crore) in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi weekly draw. His winning ticket, number 037130, was a complimentary one during raffle draw number 260.

Arikkatt, who works at an architectural firm in Al Ain and resides in the UAE with his wife and two children, revealed that the winning ticket bore the birth dates of his children, a choice he and his wife made deliberately.

Generous intentions with winnings

When asked about his plans for the prize money, Arikkatt surprised many by stating that he intends to share the winnings equally among 19 other individuals. This decision showcases his generosity and desire to spread the joy of his windfall with others.

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Unexpected win brings joy

Describing the moment he learned about his win, Arikkatt expressed his disbelief and joy. He recounted being left speechless upon receiving the news from Richard, the announcer, whose voice he had become familiar with over the years. This unexpected victory has brought about a life-changing moment not only for him but also for the others in his circle who share in his luck. 

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In conclusion, Rajeev Arikkatt's remarkable win in the lottery not only brings him personal fortune but also demonstrates his selflessness in sharing the wealth with others. His story serves as a reminder of the joy that can come from unexpected blessings and the impact of generosity on those around us.

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