"Jawan" review - A bollywood blockbuster

"Jawan" review - A bollywood blockbuster

"Jawan" review - A bollywood blockbuster combining action, emotion, and politics

"Jawan," directed by Atlee and starring Shah Rukh Khan, is a cinematic extravaganza that delivers a mix of action, emotion, heroism, villainy, and dance numbers, making it a true pop-masala banger. Beyond the entertainment, the film also cleverly incorporates strong political messages that resonate with the present times, adding depth to the story.

The Atlee touch

Director Atlee, known for his penchant for grandeur and heartfelt family dramas, brings his signature maximalism to "Jawan." Drawing inspiration from his mentor, Shankar, Atlee presents a tale that features not one but two versions of Shah Rukh Khan, separated by three decades but united by their unwavering patriotism. The older Khan portrays Vikram Rathore, an army veteran who hides in the shadows after a remarkable display of valor. The younger Khan, Azad, embodies a modern-day Robin Hood figure who steals from the wealthy to assist the underprivileged.

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A tale of the marginalized

"Jawan" shines a spotlight on the struggles of marginalized Indians, those often oppressed by a corrupt system. The film portrays poverty-stricken farmers resorting to suicide, the sick suffering in poorly-managed government hospitals, and soldiers risking their lives due to faulty weaponry. These individuals feel powerless and helpless, victims of a venal and corrupt establishment. While the movie's central conflict is not entirely new, it's the film's confident and self-aware execution that sets it apart.

Girl power and vigilantism

What elevates "Jawan" is the inclusion of a team of young women, portrayed by Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, and others, who assist Azad in executing daring and improbable heists. This ensemble brings girl power to the forefront, providing SRK with an opportunity to showcase his charisma and drawl while challenging the bad guys.

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In summary, "Jawan" is a Bollywood blockbuster that seamlessly blends entertainment, emotion, and social commentary. Director Atlee's grand vision, coupled with Shah Rukh Khan's charismatic dual performance, makes this film an action-packed spectacle that's not just about masala entertainment but also resonates with contemporary political themes.

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