Japanese man 'dog' seeks love and Hollywood stardom

Japanese man 'dog' seeks love and Hollywood stardom

Japanese man's remarkable transformation into a 'dog' fuels aspirations of love and stardom

A Japanese man who recently spent $14,000 to undergo a transformation into a dog, famously known as the 'human collie,' has shared insights into his remarkable journey. Going by the name Toco in his new canine identity, he revealed his motivations and aspirations in a recent interview with the New York Post.

Toco explained that his choice of becoming a collie was influenced by his personal fondness for raising these dogs. He also considered practical factors, noting that a naturally large breed like the collie would allow for a more proportionate appearance when worn as a costume. Additionally, the collie's long fur serves as an effective camouflage for the human form.

Dreaming of movie stardom

Beyond his unique transformation, Toco harbors dreams of becoming a movie star. He expressed a desire to utilize his skills and opportunities to appear in movies as a dog, hoping to turn this aspiration into a reality in the future.

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Toco had long desired to live as an animal but lacked the courage to bring his dream to life. About two and a half years ago, he began discussions with various companies about creating a realistic dog costume. Crafting the furry garment took six months and was completed in the spring of 2022.

Stepping out as 'Human Collie'

Toco made his public debut wearing the costume this summer, and a video of his initial walk went viral. He has since become comfortable going out while dressed as a dog.

In an intriguing twist, Toco is now searching for love as a female 'dog.' He hopes to find a romantic partner who shares his passion for dressing up as a dog and is open to a unique relationship based on their shared interests.

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Although it can be physically demanding to spend most of the day walking on all fours, Toco finds the excitement and fun derived from this experience to be incredibly rewarding, making it a fulfilling and worthwhile journey.

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