Indian-origin man dies in Grand Canyon single-day hike attempt

Indian-origin man dies in Grand Canyon single-day hike attempt

Tragic loss: Indian-origin man dies attempting single-day hike in Arizona's Grand Canyon

Ranjith Varma, a 55-year-old man of Indian origin, tragically lost his life while attempting a challenging hike across the Grand Canyon from the South Rim to the North Rim in a single day. The incident occurred on the treacherous North Kaibab Trail at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Hiking endeavor turns tragic

Varma was part of a group of around six hikers who embarked on the ambitious endeavor. The North Kaibab Trail, known for its difficulty, posed a formidable challenge. While on the trail, Varma became unresponsive, prompting an emergency call for assistance. The call, received around 1:55 pm, reported a distressed hiker on the North Kaibab Trail.

Search and rescue teams, dispatched by helicopter, faced significant challenges due to the steep and rocky terrain. Despite their efforts to resuscitate Varma, he did not regain consciousness. Tragically, Varma was pronounced dead at the scene. His body was subsequently transported to the Coconino County Medical Examiner's Office in Flagstaff for further investigation.

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Heat likely a contributing factor

While the precise cause of Varma's death remains under investigation, authorities believe that the scorching heat may have played a role. On the day of the incident, temperatures within the canyon soared above 100°F (37.7°C), with even higher readings in exposed areas. During the summer, temperatures on parts of the trail can exceed 120°F (49 °C) in the shade.

The North Kaibab Trail is renowned as one of the most challenging inner trails within the Grand Canyon. The incident has prompted authorities to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Varma's unfortunate demise, as they seek to understand the factors contributing to this tragic incident in one of the world's most awe-inspiring natural wonders.

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