Four arrested in Barnala for policeman's murder

Four arrested in Barnala for policeman's murder

Four arrested for killing policeman in Barnala, Punjab

Four individuals involved in the murder of a Punjab Police head constable in Barnala have been apprehended following a confrontation with the police, as reported by Punjab's Director General of Police, Gaurav Yadav, on Tuesday. This development comes after the tragic incident in which head constable Darshan Singh was fatally attacked while attempting to resolve a dispute over a bill payment at a local eatery.

The suspects were arrested by Barnala police after a brief encounter that left one of the accused injured. During the arrest, a pistol and two cartridges were seized from the apprehended individuals. The swift action taken by law enforcement led to the capture of all the individuals involved in the head constable's killing within 24 hours of the incident.

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The fatal altercation

The incident that led to head constable Darshan Singh's demise began when an argument erupted between the four accused and the restaurant owner in Barnala on a Sunday night. The restaurant owner, seeking assistance in settling the dispute over the bill payment, contacted the police. However, the accused individuals remained uncooperative and confrontational, and when the police arrived to mediate, they allegedly launched an attack.

Head constable Darshan Singh, a member of the responding police team, sustained a head injury during the altercation. He was quickly transported to Barnala Civil Hospital, where, tragically, he succumbed to his injuries.

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The accused and their capture

The four accused individuals were identified as Paramjit Singh (alias Pamma), Gurmeet Singh, Wazir Singh, and Jugraj Singh. Following the incident, they had gone into hiding. Their capture came about when they encountered a police check barrier under the Dhanaula police station in Barnala. In an attempt to escape, the accused tried to hit the police personnel with their vehicle. During this encounter, Paramjit opened fire at the police but was eventually arrested, sustaining an injury to his leg in the process.

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