Flight attendant meets baby flamingos saved in Flight

Flight attendant meets baby flamingos saved in Flight

Alaska Airlines flight attendant reunites with baby flamingos hatched from eggs saved mid-air

Amber, a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines, was recently recognized by Woodland Park Zoo for her heroic actions in saving six rare Chilean flamingo eggs during a flight from Atlanta to Seattle in August.

Quick response to emergency

During the flight, Amber responded to a passenger's urgent request for assistance. A zoo official onboard was transporting the flamingo eggs in an incubator from Zoo Atlanta to Woodland Park Zoo when the incubator failed. Amber sprang into action, filling rubber gloves with warm water to keep the eggs warm and accepting coats and scarves from passengers to provide extra insulation.

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Months of waiting and a heartwarming reunion

After months of waiting, the eggs hatched successfully, and Amber was invited to the zoo to meet the flamingos she had saved. Accompanied by her granddaughter, Sunny, Amber was overjoyed to see the chicks thriving. In a touching gesture, one of the flamingos was named after Amber's granddaughter.

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Woodland Park Zoo expressed immense gratitude to Amber for her heroic efforts. They acknowledged that without her quick thinking and dedication, the precious flamingo eggs might have been lost. Amber's act of kindness and compassion exemplifies the importance of going above and beyond to protect and preserve wildlife.

In summary, Amber's selfless actions not only saved the lives of six rare flamingo chicks but also inspired a heartwarming reunion and a lasting bond between her family and the zoo. Her story serves as a reminder of the impact that individual acts of kindness can have on the world around us.

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