First Karwa Chauth 2023: rituals and traditions for newlyweds

First Karwa Chauth 2023: rituals and traditions for newlyweds

Celebrating your first Karwa Chauth in 2023: rituals and traditions for newlyweds

Karwa Chauth, falling on November 1 this year, is a cherished Hindu festival, especially in North Indian states. Newly married brides observing their first Karwa Chauth engage in special traditions. The day begins with thoughtful gifts from in-laws and family friends. Daughters-in-law offer Baya to their mothers-in-law, symbolizing respect and receiving blessings. Sargi, a pre-dawn meal, shared by both, includes fruits and sweets. In the morning, brides bathe, perform temple rituals, and take a pledge for a nirjala vrat (fasting without food or water). Listening to Karwa Chauth Katha is customary.

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Traditional attire and auspicious color

Newlywed brides should wear traditional red attire, adorn themselves with solah sringar (16 adornments), and apply mehendi on their hands and feet. Avoid black, brown, and white colors as they are considered inauspicious. Instead, opt for red, pink, yellow, green, or maroon, symbolizing marital bliss.

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