Ex-AIIMS Chief demands urgent action on Delhi's "Silent Killer" Air Pollution

Ex-AIIMS Chief demands urgent action on Delhi's "Silent Killer" Air Pollution

"Delhi's Silent Killer": Former AIIMS Chief urges urgent action against soaring Air Pollution, regardless of cost

Former AIIMS director and prominent pulmonologist, Dr. Randeep Guleria, has sounded the alarm on the severe consequences of rising air pollution levels in Delhi and the Indo-Gangetic belt. In an interview with The Indian Express, Guleria, now the Chairman of the Institute of Internal Medicine, Respiratory, and Sleep Medicine at Medanta, emphasized the critical need for immediate and comprehensive action to address the silent health threats posed by deteriorating air quality.

Silent Killer demands robust action 

Guleria highlighted air pollution as a "silent killer," aggravating existing health conditions and causing latent health problems. He called for a robust action plan, emphasizing that the urgency of the situation requires action regardless of the associated costs. Guleria stressed the importance of understanding air pollution as a medical emergency that not only affects the present generation but also poses risks to subsequent generations.

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The air quality in Delhi and its surrounding areas has sharply declined due to factors such as stubble burning, industrial emissions, and vehicular pollution. Guleria underscored the critical impact on different age groups, citing studies indicating stunted lung growth in children and increased risks of stroke, heart attacks, and dementia in the elderly.

Indoor air quality challenges

Addressing indoor air pollution, Guleria expressed the need for more data on the effectiveness of air purifiers. He explained that factors such as room size and ventilation play a crucial role in determining the efficacy of air purifiers. Guleria emphasized the interconnection between indoor and outdoor air quality and the influence of room conditions on the performance of air purifiers.

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