Early dengue surge hits Punjab with 3K cases

Early dengue surge hits Punjab with 3K cases

Dengue cases surge with over 3K early infections in Punjab

Punjab has witnessed a concerning surge in dengue cases, with approximately 3,475 cases reported across the state, as per official health department data. This number starkly contrasts with the 1,739 cases reported during the same period last year. Alongside the rise in cases, Punjab has also recorded three dengue-related fatalities. This outbreak is attributed to the early onset of monsoons and subsequent flooding in several districts during July and August.

Stagnant waters ideal breeding ground

The aftermath of flooding left stagnant water in various locations, creating favorable conditions for the breeding of dengue mosquito larvae. Health authorities, led by Punjab's director of health, Dr. Adarshpal Kaur, are actively addressing the situation and encouraging community involvement to combat the escalating cases.

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Typically, dengue cases in Punjab would peak in October and November, with an uptick occurring in late September. However, this year, the state experienced a significant rise in cases during August and the early weeks of September, marking an unusual pattern. The worst-affected districts include Kapurthala, Bathinda, Hoshiarpur, and Patiala, with varying case counts.

Intensified measures and community engagement

To tackle the crisis, the state health department has initiated special dengue awareness and larvae-checking programs, focusing on one government department each week. Additionally, district-level health officials have been directed to enhance dengue testing and regularly inspect potential breeding sites for larvae in high-risk areas. These efforts aim to curb the dengue outbreak and safeguard public health in Punjab.

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