Diwali delight: Empire State bathed in Orange brilliance as NYC joins the festive glow

Diwali delight: Empire State bathed in Orange brilliance as NYC joins the festive glow

Empire State aglow: New York City illuminates in Vibrant Orange for spectacular Diwali celebration

The vibrant festival of Diwali illuminated New York City as the iconic Empire State Building glowed in orange hues. Mayor Eric Adams, who declared Diwali a school holiday in June, joined the festivities at the Bhakti Center, Manhattan's oldest Hindu temple.

Partnering with the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), the Empire State Building radiated in celebration of Diwali, symbolizing the unity of the Hindu community in the tri-state area. Over 1500 people gathered at the Bhakti Center for a joyous Diwali celebration.

Mayor's Diwali greetings

Mayor Eric Adams extended Diwali greetings, inviting everyone to experience the energy at the Bhakti Center not only during Diwali but throughout the year. He emphasized the importance of spreading light globally, not just during the festival but always.

The US Embassy in India, led by Ambassador Eric Garcetti, embraced Diwali with lights, sweets, and rangoli. A video shared by the embassy showcased the community celebrating in Indian attire, creating rangolis, and adorning the embassy.

Diwali Celebrations beyond borders

US Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, marked Diwali with New York State Senator Kevin Thomas. Harris acknowledged the challenging global context but emphasized celebrating the festival of light, expressing solidarity with those facing difficulties.

Deputy Commissioner Dilip Chauhan celebrated the historic moment of Diwali becoming a public school holiday in New York City. Recognizing years of advocacy by the Indian diaspora, Chauhan highlighted the significance, allowing children to spend the day with family and engage in community celebrations.

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