Delta flight incident on island

Delta flight incident on island

Delta flight to New York lands on island with reports of passenger treatment

Passengers aboard a Delta flight to New York were unexpectedly diverted to Terceira Island, Portugal, due to a mechanical issue. They alleged being stuck at the airport for up to 12 hours with limited food and communication.

Lack of communication and food

Passenger Nana Asante-Smith expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of communication. After landing, passengers were restricted to a partitioned section of the airport, leading to frustration. Airport representatives initially promised food at 11 am or 12 pm but later announced that no food would be provided as passengers had eaten earlier. Passengers had to beg for food, and some received ham sandwiches that didn't accommodate dietary restrictions.

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Treatment and communication issues

Passengers claimed they were treated poorly and likened to "encroaching roaches." The absence of official announcements or updates from Delta led to confusion and discomfort among passengers, including the elderly, pregnant women, and children. Delta representatives provided inaccurate information and offered insufficient solutions, including vague references to a "rescue ship."

After over 12 hours at the airport, passengers departed Terceira Island, learning that the oxygen on their initial flight had been dangerously compromised. Upon arrival at JFK, they encountered further challenges, struggling to find accommodations, and some even resorted to renting cars or taking trains due to flight unavailability. Passengers expressed exhaustion and criticized Delta's handling of the situation, demanding better treatment and resolution.

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