Decades-old mystery solved: US identifies woman in dumpster case

Decades-old mystery solved: US identifies woman in dumpster case

After 35 Years, US authorities identify woman found in Dumpster

DNA analysis has finally revealed the identity of a body found in a Georgia dumpster 35 years ago. Officials have confirmed that the victim is Chong Un Kim, a South Korean woman who was just 26 years old at the time of her death.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation used DNA analysis, funded by donors, to establish Kim's identity. Her body was discovered in rural Millen in February 1988, wrapped in plastic and duct tape, inside a suitcase placed in a trash bin. She had died from asphyxiation, but the circumstances of her death and who was responsible remain unclear. When found, Kim had been deceased for four to seven days.

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DNA analysis and donor-funded efforts lead to Chong Un Kim's identification

Kim had moved to the United States in 1981 and had resided in Hinesville for several years, an area adjoining Fort Stewart, located approximately 70 miles south of Millen. Despite extensive efforts over the years, including fingerprint and dental record checks, as well as forensic sketches, investigators were unable to identify her. The body was known as "Jane Millen Doe" and "Jenkins County Jane Doe."

Recently, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation sent DNA evidence to Othram, a Texas-based company specializing in matching DNA to unknown relatives using extensive genetic databases. Othram was able to provide new leads that ultimately led to Kim's identification. The GBI has informed Kim's family of this breakthrough.

A donor group called Project Justice, dedicated to solving cold cases, funded Othram's work. The GBI is now seeking information from anyone who may have known Chong Un Kim or has information about the case. They can be contacted at 912-871-1121, and anonymous tips can be submitted online or through a mobile app.

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