Cops zero in on suspect in murky PGI Injection Case

Cops zero in on suspect in murky PGI Injection Case

PGI Injection mystery deepens as Police close in on suspect

The case of a woman injected with an unknown substance at PGIMER's Nehru block gynaecology ward deepens as the victim's husband accuses her family of attempting to kill her. Meanwhile, the police claim to have identified the mystery woman responsible for the injection, revealing a potential paramedic connection.

Family feud and threats:

The woman's husband, Gurvinder Singh, alleges that his in-laws, vehemently against their marriage, orchestrated the incident, pointing to a history of threats. The couple eloped due to family disapproval, and the husband suspects foul play behind the mysterious injection.

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The police, investigating the case, suggest strong leads pointing to a paramedic involved in administering the injection, raising the possibility of a contract killing. However, the victim's family denies any involvement and, in turn, accuses the husband's family. Both sides present contradictory narratives, leaving the investigation with no clear leads.
The ongoing investigation into the injection incident at PGIMER faces complications with conflicting claims and accusations between the victim's husband and her family. The mystery deepens as the identified paramedic's role and motives remain unclear. Additionally, non-functional CCTV cameras in the hospital hinder the probe, leaving the circumstances surrounding the injection shrouded in uncertainty. The victim's critical condition adds urgency to unraveling the truth behind this puzzling case.

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