Changes loom for Indian shooting selection policy in Paris Olympics build-up

Changes loom for Indian shooting selection policy in Paris Olympics build-up

Indian shooting selection policy faces further revision ahead of Paris Olympics

The national shooting federation is in the process of re-drafting the selection policy for rifle and pistol shooters aiming to represent India in the Paris Olympics. This revamped policy aims to grant more significance to quota winners and international performances, marking a shift from the previous selection criteria.

Focus on quota winners and international performances

Previously, the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) had introduced a policy known as 'Olympic Selection Trials,' which relied on rankings based on scores from a set of four selection trials. The average of the best three scores determined the shooter's final average score. This marked a significant shift from the policy used for the Tokyo Olympics, where performances in designated international events from the 2018 Asian Games were considered.

The need for this change arose after Indian shooters failed to secure medals at the Tokyo Olympics, prompting a call for more emphasis on current form. The new policy aimed to create a level playing field by reducing the advantage previously enjoyed by quota winners. It awarded shooters only one point for winning a quota place, which was then added to the average of their three scores, diminishing the advantage conferred by quota spots.

Balancing the selection criteria

However, the NRAI has now recognized the need for further adjustments to the selection policy, striking a balance between providing an advantage to quota winners and considering the performance of athletes in major international events. The current selection criteria aim to prioritize strength, consistency, and the ability to handle the pressures of international competitions.

While the proposed amendments are still in development, the intention is to ensure fairness in the selection process and uphold the importance of current form. It's a delicate balancing act between acknowledging quota winners and emphasizing performance in international competitions, with the NRAI striving to create a policy that aligns with the evolving needs of India's shooting contingent in the Paris Olympics.

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