Chandigarh Police women officials for UN Peacekeeping Mission

Chandigarh Police women officials for UN Peacekeeping Mission

Chandigarh Police women officials chosen for participating in the 2023 UN Peacekeeping Mission

Four women officials from the Chandigarh Police have been chosen to participate in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission for the year 2023. This mission is also known as the UN Mission. Among these officials is DSP Gurjeet Kaur, who has already begun her duty in South Sudan. The other three inspectors selected for this mission are Kulbir Kaur, Chander Mukhi, and Parvesh Sharma. DSP Gurjeet Kaur received the Administrator’s Police Medal for Distinguished Services on August 15, 2023. This achievement is significant as it showcases the dedication of these women officers to international peacekeeping.

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Selection and deployment

DSP Gurjeet Kaur was the first to join the UN Mission in South Sudan on September 4th. Inspectors Kulbir Kaur and Chander Mukhi are expected to depart for their mission next month. Inspector Parvesh Sharma, however, had to return from the mission due to personal reasons. These four women were among 69 personnel, including those from the state's police, paramilitary forces, and the Army, who were selected for this prestigious UN Mission. 

Testing and eligibility

To become eligible for this mission, candidates had to pass a rigorous selection process. The tests included evaluating their English writing skills, verbal communication with the screening committee and selection board in English, a driving test on roads, and proficiency in using various weapons. Failing any of these tests meant disqualification from the selection process.

Benefits of UN Peacekeeping Mission

Participating in the UN Peacekeeping Mission offers numerous advantages. Not only does it provide international exposure and valuable experience, but selected personnel also receive double salaries. They are paid by both the police department and the UN Mission, with the latter paying in US dollars. This financial incentive, coupled with the opportunity to contribute to global peace and security, makes this mission highly attractive to dedicated officers.

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Chandigarh Police's four women officials embarking on the UN Peacekeeping Mission in 2023 represent a remarkable achievement. Their selection process was rigorous, emphasizing language skills, driving abilities, and weapon proficiency. Those who make it through this selection process gain valuable international experience and enjoy the financial benefits of double salaries. 

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