Chandigarh Police's Ramlila-inspired cyber crime awareness

Chandigarh Police's Ramlila-inspired cyber crime awareness

Chandigarh Police embrace Ramlila for innovative Cyber Crime awareness campaign

In an innovative move, cyber volunteers teamed up with law enforcement officers to make surprise visits to Ramlila venues in Chandigarh, including Sectors 17, 46, 27, 29, and Ram Darbar, to educate the public about online frauds.

Cyber awareness at Ramlila

While the audience was engrossed in the Ramlila performances, teams of cyber volunteers entered the venues, carrying multiple placards. These placards displayed the cybercrime helpline number 1930, serving as a reminder to report any online fraud.

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The police officers held posters, urging people to exercise caution when sharing personal information, be wary of fake customer care numbers on Google, avoid scanning QR codes to receive money, refrain from sharing OTPs, be cautious of KYC update-related calls and SMSes, and reject video calls from unknown numbers.

To maximize outreach, the police team enlisted the help of actors portraying significant Ramlila characters. These actors held up the awareness placards, sending a powerful message to the assembled audience about the importance of vigilance against cyber fraudsters.

Police's aim to curb Cyber Crime

Ranjit Singh, the station house officer (SHO) of the Cyber Police Station in Sector 17, explained the motive behind the initiative. He stated that the goal was to reach a large number of people, recognizing that Ramlila venues attracted significant foot traffic. By interacting with the public and enlisting the support of Ramlila performers, the police aimed to raise awareness about online scams and protect residents' hard-earned money.

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This unique approach blends cultural and technological elements to create a proactive defense against cybercrime, emphasizing the importance of public vigilance in the digital age.

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