Chandigarh officials inspect sector 15 Nursing quarters

Chandigarh officials inspect sector 15 Nursing quarters

Chandigarh administration and MC officials conduct inspection of dilapidated nursing quarters in sector 15

Officials from the municipal corporation (MC) and the UT administration conducted an inspection of the nursing quarters in Sector 15, following a series of complaints about their deteriorating condition. Area councillor Saurabh Joshi revealed that these quarters, originally built for the nurses and staff of Government Multi-Specialty Hospital, Sector 16, have remained unchanged for around five decades, with many of them now vacant.

Addressing the long-standing issue

Saurabh Joshi stated that numerous staff members had lodged complaints about the poor state of the nursing quarters, prompting the inspection. Officials from various MC departments and the UT's maintenance department were summoned to assess the situation. Several necessary measures were identified during the inspection:

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- The electrical department was instructed to clear all electrical equipment from the park area.
- Requests were made to the UT administration for the repair of toilets, rooms, lobbies, staircases, and terraces across all quarters.
- The MC's public health officers were tasked with repairing the sewerage system and addressing road gullies.
- MC officials were urged to expedite proposals for road carpeting and pavement repairs.

Resident concerns

In addition to the structural issues, residents of the nursing quarters also raised concerns about irregular garbage collection. The inspection aimed to not only identify areas needing immediate attention but also to address the overall living conditions of the nursing quarters' residents, who have endured deteriorating facilities for an extended period.

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The inspection results will likely lead to much-needed improvements in the living conditions of the nursing quarters, ensuring that they meet the basic standards of safety and comfort for their occupants.

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