Chandigarh half marathon fights drug abuse through awareness

Chandigarh half marathon fights drug abuse through awareness

Chandigarh hosts half marathon to combat drug abuse through awareness

Early morning in Chandigarh, the biannual Punjab Half Marathon commenced from Chandigarh Club, Sector 1. The event, organized by Thrill Zone, featured various categories for participants, aimed at promoting health and raising awareness against drug abuse. The marathon took place in three timed categories, including a 21 km half-marathon, a 10 km run, and a 5 km run. Additionally, a 3 km fun run was part of the event.

Global participation in the marathon

The Punjab Half Marathon saw an international touch with around 10 participants from France, Canada, Germany, and the United States joining the run. This global participation added a unique dimension to the event.

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Thrill Zone, the organizing body, has a mission to promote running as a serious sport through marathons and extensive training. The organization aims to foster a culture of healthy living and running across India. Having successfully conducted 100 events, Thrill Zone's reach extends nationwide with the organization's dedication to the cause of health and fitness.

Categories and age groups

The marathon featured various categories, catering to runners of all ages. The 21 km run included both male and female participants and was further divided into age groups ranging from 18 to 70 years and beyond.

The 10 km run had age categories, including under-18, 19 to 40 years, 41 to 50 years, and 51+ years. In the 5 km timed run, the top three male and female participants were recognized, making the event competitive and inclusive for runners of all skill levels. 

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The Punjab Half Marathon not only promoted a healthy lifestyle but also spread awareness about the crucial issue of drug abuse, making it a significant and socially responsible event for the community.

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