Byju's delays employee settlements
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Byju's delays employee settlements

Byju's delays employee settlements amid financial crunch

Byju's, the renowned edtech giant, has faced financial challenges leading to a delay in settling dues owed to employees who were laid off earlier this year. The company's strategic decision to reduce its workforce in June affected approximately 1,000 employees across various departments. However, a recent email sent by Byju's management has extended the timeline, stating that employees can now expect their outstanding payments by November 17.

Workforce reduction for profitability

Byju's initiated the substantial workforce reduction with the aim of achieving profitability. The layoffs impacted employees from mentoring, logistics, training, sales, post-sales, and finance departments. While this move was strategic from a business perspective, it had significant repercussions for the affected employees.

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Delay in settlements

On September 14, the company informed the affected employees via email about the delay in disbursing their dues. This delay has caused understandable inconvenience to the former employees, who were expecting their settlements earlier. Byju's expressed regret and acknowledged the delay, citing ongoing business restructuring as the reason behind the setback. The company is committed to meeting its obligations as soon as possible.

Financial challenges and lender commitments

This delay in employee settlements is occurring in the midst of Byju's commitment to repay its lenders within the next six months, while simultaneously striving to secure a long-pending funding round. Byju's has submitted a proposal to its lenders, outlining its intention to fully repay its $1.2 billion term loan B within the upcoming six months. The company plans to initiate this repayment by making an initial payment of $300 million within the next three months.

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In conclusion, Byju's, in its pursuit of financial stability and commitment to its lenders, is navigating a challenging period marked by delayed employee settlements. The edtech giant aims to balance its financial responsibilities while maintaining its position as a leading player in the education technology sector.

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