Beijing Forum: China and Russia target US policies

Beijing Forum: China and Russia target US policies

China and Russia unite in critique of US policies at Beijing Security Forum

At the Beijing Xiangshan Forum, a significant military diplomacy event, Chinese and Russian military chiefs openly criticized the United States and its allies, highlighting their concerns about Western involvement in conflicts like Ukraine. China's Central Military Commission Vice Chairman, Zhang Youxia, issued veiled criticism towards "some countries" for their perceived efforts to undermine the Chinese government. Despite these criticisms, Zhang emphasized the need for improved military relations with the United States, based on mutual respect and cooperation.

The lack of regular communication between the US and Chinese militaries has been an ongoing concern for Washington, particularly due to tensions between the two nations and the potential for accidental conflicts, notably in the South China Sea and near Taiwan.

Russian Minister warns of escalation

Russia's Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu issued a stern warning to the West, asserting that its involvement in the Ukraine conflict carries a severe risk. Shoigu pointed out that the Western approach of escalating the conflict with Russia could lead to a direct military confrontation between nuclear powers, resulting in catastrophic consequences.

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The participation of a US delegation in the Beijing Xiangshan Forum comes at a time when the United States and China are increasing exchanges in preparation for an anticipated summit between Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping. Despite calls for improved military relations, the tone at the forum indicated no softening of stances on issues like Taiwan.

Chinese Lieutenant General He Lei emphasized that if China were to use force against Taiwan, it would be viewed as a war for reunification, characterized as just and legitimate. Taiwan remains a core interest for China, further underscoring the sensitivity of this issue.

This event and its discussions are closely watched by military attaches and diplomats, as it offers insights into the geopolitical dynamics of the region. Many Western countries have chosen to either abstain from participating in the forum or send small, low-level delegations, opting to discuss international security issues at the Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual event held in Singapore.

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