Ban on tractor stunts in Punjab following fatal Gurdaspur incident

Ban on tractor stunts in Punjab following fatal Gurdaspur incident

Punjab CM bans tractor stunts after tragic death in Gurdaspur

A tragic incident unfolded at a rural sports event in Gurdaspur district, Punjab, where a 29-year-old man named Sukhmandeep Singh lost his life while attempting a dangerous stunt involving a tractor. The fatal accident occurred during a fair in Sarchur village, Fatehgarh Churian, on Saturday.

Sukhmandeep Singh was performing a perilous stunt that involved climbing onto a tractor while it was balanced on its rear tires with the engine running at full throttle. Tragedy struck when one of his feet got entangled in the mud, causing him to fall and be run over by the tractor. Despite immediate efforts to rush him to the hospital, Sukhmandeep succumbed to his injuries.

Punjab Chief Minister announces ban

In response to this tragic incident, Punjab's Chief Minister, Bhagwant Mann, took swift action by declaring a ban on tractor stunts and dangerous performances involving tractors and related equipment in the state. He emphasized the importance of respecting tractors, often referred to as the "kings of fields," and preventing them from becoming instruments of harm.

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Mann expressed his concern through a social media post, urging the people of Punjab to refrain from using tractors in hazardous stunts. The specifics of the ban are expected to be provided shortly.

The popularity of tractor stunts

Stunt performances with tractors have gained popularity in Punjab, where participants at rural events could win cash prizes and garner fame. Some even share their daring feats on social media. In certain villages, competitive tournaments known as 'tractor tochan mukabla' or tractor tug of war are held, where tractor drivers engage in intense face-offs by fastening two tractors to an iron rod.

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Stuntmen modify their tractors to execute gravity-defying maneuvers, such as lifting the front wheels and driving on only the rear wheels. While these performances may be thrilling and entertaining, the recent tragedy has highlighted the need for safety and responsibility when engaging in such activities.

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