Arrest of Bajrang Dal member Mohit Yadav

Arrest of Bajrang Dal member Mohit Yadav

Arrest of Bajrang Dal member Mohit Yadav in social media case and murder investigation

On Tuesday, Mohit Yadav, a member of Bajrang Dal and a self-proclaimed cow vigilante, was arrested by Haryana Police for allegedly posting "objectionable and inflammatory" content on social media under a fake name. Shortly after his arrest, he was handed over to Rajasthan Police, who had been searching for him for several months in connection with the murder of two individuals in February this year.

The arrest

Mohit Yadav, also known as Monu Manesar, was apprehended from a location in Manesar Sector 1 by a joint team consisting of Cyber Crime Police Station, Nuh, and the Crime Branch. Following his arrest, he was transferred to the custody of Rajasthan Police.

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Handover to Rajasthan Police

Confirming the handover of Mohit Yadav to Rajasthan Police, Nuh police issued a statement stating, "Deeg police has taken Mohit alias Monu Manesar on criminal remand from the court. Further action will be taken by Deeg (Rajasthan) Police." A Rajasthan Police officer noted that they had taken custody of Mohit and were in the process of bringing him from Nuh in Haryana to Bharatpur.


This arrest comes after a significant period of time since the murder of Junaid, aged 35, and Nasir, aged 27, in February. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had previously accused the Haryana government of "non-cooperation" in the murder case. The apprehension of Mohit Yadav is a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the tragic incident.

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Mohit Yadav's arrest serves as a reminder of the complex challenges surrounding social media usage and the responsibilities that come with it. Additionally, it underscores the importance of inter-state cooperation in addressing criminal activities that transcend geographical boundaries.

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