Army's multi-utility legged equipment: a game-changer in versatility

Army's multi-utility legged equipment: a game-changer in versatility

Army unveils innovative multi-utility legged equipment for versatile applications

The North-Tech Symposium 2023, held in Jammu and jointly organized by the Indian Army's Northern Command, the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM), and IIT-Jammu, showcased a wide range of innovative military equipment and technologies. The event featured exhibitions, product launches, one-on-one interactions, technical seminars, ideas and innovation displays, and military equipment demonstrations.

Emphasis on research and development

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, addressing the symposium, emphasized the importance of research and development (R&D) in advancing a nation's capabilities. He acknowledged the risks associated with R&D but highlighted its significance for a country's development, emphasizing the necessity of capital investment in this field.

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Highlighted equipment

1. Multi-Utility Legged Equipment (MULE): One of the standout displays at the event was the MULE, a four-legged equipment with a sleek design, equipped with cameras and radars. It boasts a payload capacity of 12 kg and can operate on Wi-Fi or Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks, making it versatile for various terrains. The MULE is controlled via a user-friendly remote control and can carry multiple payloads, including thermal cameras and radars. It is capable of mission uploads for waypoint navigation and is suitable for use in challenging terrains like mountains and snow-covered areas.

2. Multi-Weapon Engagement System (Anti-Drone System): Another remarkable exhibit was an AI-based Autonomous Multi-Weapon Engagement System designed to counter drones. The system includes a weapon platform for mounting various weapons, an AI-based laptop, and a controller box. It offers autonomous and manual modes for target detection, tracking, and engagement. This system can effectively engage both aerial and terrestrial targets.

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The Anti-Drone System was developed by the Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME).

The North-Tech Symposium 2023 provided a platform for the exchange of ideas, technological advancements, and the showcasing of cutting-edge military equipment, furthering India's capabilities in defense technology.

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