Akasa Air sues pilots for sudden resignations

Akasa Air sues pilots for sudden resignations

Akasa Air launches legal battle against pilots who resigned abruptly

Akasa Air has initiated legal proceedings against a group of pilots who left the airline without fulfilling their mandatory notice period. The departure of these pilots has resulted in numerous flight cancellations, causing disruptions to the airline's services.

The shortage of pilots has had a significant impact on Akasa Air's ability to maintain its flight schedule. According to sources, the airline has been struggling to cope with the shortage, leading to service disruptions.

Legal action against pilots

In response to the pilot departures, Akasa Air has taken legal action against a specific group of pilots. The airline has characterized their actions as not only a breach of their contractual obligations but also a violation of civil aviation regulations in the country.

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The airline emphasized that the actions of these pilots were not only illegal but also unethical and self-centered. The abrupt departures in August resulted in last-minute flight cancellations, leaving thousands of passengers stranded and causing significant inconvenience to the traveling public.

Background on Akasa Air

Akasa Air, which currently operates a fleet of 20 planes, commenced its operations in August 2022. However, the ongoing pilot shortage has posed operational challenges for the airline in maintaining regular flight services.

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Akasa Air's decision to pursue legal action underscores the airline's commitment to addressing the challenges posed by pilot shortages and ensuring that contractual obligations are met by its employees.

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